Health and wellbeing

Cosy warmth, light rooms and fresh air are the guarantors of physical and psychological wellbeing. Large-format windows, doors and glass façades constructed from heavy-duty steel profiles flood rooms with light and, at the same time, provide the best possible protection from undesirable external influences.

After all, Jansen’s products are more than just about efficient thermal and sound insulation, reliable fire and smoke protection and protection against break-ins, bullets and explosions, they also allow the maximum possible amount of daylight in and thus create invitingly bright work, recreation, living and sleeping spaces. In short, spaces in which we feel safe, secure and completely at home.

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Other topics

Sound insulation

For more peace in all rooms.

Thermal insulation

Steel profile systems create cosy spaces that are guaranteed to make you feel good.


Just as important as the air we breathe.

Unpleasant odours

Effectively preventing the spread of offensive smells.

Radiation protection

For medical and scientific rooms.

Safety in use

Flawless, reliable and functional safety.


Reliable protection in any weather.