Services installations: heating, sanitary, air-conditioning

Pipes made of thermoplastic polymers

In Europe, Jansen is one of the leading OEM manufacturers of innovative heating, sanitary and air-conditioning pipes made of thermoplastic polymers.

The family business produces all plastic pipes exclusively in Switzerland. The in-house laboratory and quality management, the fully automatic production processes, as well as the internal and external checks by various certification bodies guarantee the highest Swiss quality

PRIMA high-temperature range with drinking water approval

The PRIMA pipe range covers a broad spectrum of applications in the services installations area.

EVO high-temperature range

The EVO pipe system is suitable for all types of heating and cooling.

FUTURA low-temperature range

The FUTURA pipe system is intended for the low-temperature range in heat distribution

Your advantages at a glance

Low thermal expansion
Multi-layer composite pipes have only minimally increased thermal expansion due to the two bonding layers.

Straightforward to install
Only a few actions are required to install the JANSEN PRIMA pipe with all crimped and compression fittings. After cutting to length and calibrating the pipe, the fitting is pushed onto the prepared pipe. Crimping or tightening the union nut (Eurocone) can start.

Approved for drinking water
The materials used for the basic medium-carrying pipe meet international hygiene and toxicological requirements as per the requirements of SVGW/DVGW worksheet W 534, the KTW recommendations issued by the German Federal Ministry of Health "Richtlinien in Bezug auf die Trinkwassertauglichkeit" (Guidelines in relation to suitability for drinking water) W 270 and the European standard EN ISO 21003-2:2011.

100 % oxygen barrier layer
Thanks to the stable internal aluminium layer, which is butt-welded over the entire length of the pipe, 100% sealing in relation to oxygen and steam as well as other substances is guaranteed.

Corrosion resistance
The inner layer prevents the accumulation of substances in the water due to its smooth surface.

Ageing resistance - creep behaviour
Our plastic pipes are classified as per EN ISO 21003 and therefore have a certified service life of 50 years.

Easy to bend but nevertheless stable shape
The aluminium composite pipe JANSEN PRIMA can be bent very easily by hand and permits minimum bending radii. The pipe retains the shape without springing back.