Geothermal energy

Ground source heat: the energy source from your plot

Ground source heat is an unlimited energy source and makes you independent of fossil fuels. Jansen is an expert at making this ground source heat accessible for heating or cooling.

Whether shallow or deep ground source heat loop, whether classic in-the-hole hammer drilling or bore-jetting – due to the matched components such as heat loop weights and SPS jet-bore tip, reliable, fast installation is always ensured with all JANSEN ground source heat loops. The high-quality, Swiss products are manufactured as standard using PE 100 RC (in accordance with PAS 1075) of the latest generation and tested in the factory; they are delivered with a factory-welded loop base and individual factory certificate in accordance with EN 10204. Special dimensions and lengths are available on request. All JANSEN ground heat systems can also be manufactured from high-temperature resistant PERT pipe material as an option.