The Jansen Technology Centre: a centre of excellence with various technology and testing workshops

Our new Jansen Technology Centre features state-of-the-art technology and an integrated test centre providing all necessary facilities for research and development of versatile steel and aluminium profile systems.

We test profile solutions down to the smallest detail in realistic conditions and perform extensive system tests on large units and building solutions. We are forever innovating so that we can continue to meet the growing and increasingly complex demands of the market. The Technology Centre also performs long-term tests on new products in the installed state. This allows you to see during your project planning phase how our advanced system solutions behave under realistic conditions.

Metalworking facilities for Jansen steel systems and Schüco aluminium systems

State-of-the-art machines offering the option of direct control:

  • AF 300 CNC machine
  • Double-headed mitre profile saw PDG Steel 400 for steel sections
  • PSU 450 H steel saw
  • Double-headed mitre saw PDG E-Cut 650 for aluminium sections
  • LA 100 automatic locking bar processor
  • Notching saw AS 450 for aluminium profiles
  • TL 350 cut-off saw
  • PGS+ glazing bead saw for aluminium profiles
  • PAM 400 profile stop measuring system
  • Jansen welding bench
  • FDC 46" display
  • Manufacture of sample units for all sorts of uses (including trade fairs, showrooms)
  • Development of new products and systems and processing methods
  • Extensive support during development projects:
    • Practical trials
    • Manufacture
    • Installation
    • Maintenance

Training to become a sheet metal worker, EFZ-certified

High-tech testing centre and extensive training programme

New – the Jansen Technology Centre, working in conjunction with an accredited testing institution, can now carry out official system tests and have components certified:

  • Air permeability (EN 12207), watertightness (EN 12208) and resistance to wind load (EN 12210, calibrated test stand 8 x 5 m, max. pressure 5000 Pa)
  • Burglar resistance in accordance with EN 1627 (test stand 13.5 x 7 m with forces applied compliant with structural engineering calculations)
  • Resistance to repeated opening and closing in accordance with EN 1191

Customers and partners benefit from increased process reliability and improved component functionality thanks to documented prior testing. We can also carry out official testing for special constructions or project-specific modifications.

Customers and partners also gain from our extensive training facilities and range of services:

Installed system highlights

  • VISS roof glazing with integrated, motorised opening panels from Schüco
  • 12 m high glass facade manufactured out of high-strength VISS profiles including heavy-duty T connectors
  • Motorised Janisol HI bottom-hung vents
  • Two-leaf, outward-opening VISS side-hung door
  • Automatic VISS sliding door 5 x 4 m
  • Janisol HI doors

Commitment to sustainability

  • Heating energy supplied by heat recovery from annealing ovens
  • Low-consumption LED lighting
  • Intelligent solar protection glazing with automatic tinting to minimise the amount of energy entering the room and optimise internal lighting conditions (SageGlass from Saint Gobain)