Versatile use of polymer materials

In production, we have endless possibilities related to the usage of polymer materials (thermoplastic polymers).

We have a large range of thermoplastic materials and versatile manufacturing processes available. We can make the optimal material selection to find the best solution to suit your requirements and needs. We know and exploit the advantages of polymer materials that are particularly suitable for design practice. Polymer materials have a specific strength and stiffness, are very suitable for recycling, are corrosion-resistant and can be processed cost-effectively. With the aid of additional substances, we can achieve good thermal stability and UV-resistance with this material. We procure our materials from leading European manufacturers; our close collaboration with these manufacturers makes it possible for us to enhance our knowledge as well as to make use of specialist technical advice.

With our dominance of superior processes and strict quality inspections, we have set the bar for plastic solutions at a high level. Here we place value on long-term partnerships and we maintain an open dialogue with our customers and partners. Your requirements are our incentive to find the optimal material selection and the best solution together with you.