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Our services include the following:


  • Lean production over the entire value chain supports cost-effective solutions for the customer
  • Production of small quantities: realisation of small quantities thanks to various process techniques

Quality assurance

  • Raw material and impact strength tests
  • Welding and internal pressure tests
  • Annular rigidity
  • Tensile, cutting and bending trials
  • Ageing and weathering trials
  • Layer thickness determination


  • Selection of suitable thermoplastic
  • Design of material and component
  • Evaluation of replacement materials for existing components
  • Geometry optimisation
  • Tool design and dedicated tool making for mono, hybrid and co-extrusion products
  • Own service and repair workshop as well as storage
  • Implementation of all production steps


  • Tests on pipe applications with internal pressure
  • Infrared spectroscopy for material identification
  • Moisture and water-content determination
  • Filler identification
  • MFR for characterising the flow behaviour of a thermoplastic under specific pressure and temperature conditions (moulding compound test)
  • Chemical material verification