Management position

Committed managers focused on producing sustainable results and with the flair to recognise and support potential find a wide range of opportunities at Jansen to contribute their competence and to take on responsibility.

Our understanding of management:

Supporting employees

In order to create a focus on sustainable results, we create a motivating working environment in which trust, appreciation and a culture of open feedback prevail.

Embracing change

We embrace change with an open, courageous and considered attitude, and empower our employees accordingly.

Promoting innovation

In order to ensure that the company and every employee can develop personally, we actively create space for creative exchange, promote out-of-the-box thinking and learn from mistakes.

Achieving targets

We manage by agreeing targets, we provide the necessary resources and ensure that these targets are met.

Developing competence

We actively support our employees in the development of their competence and take an interest in their career path.

Managing by example

We are conscious of our responsibility as managers and allow the necessary space to fulfil our management duties.

Managing consistently

We make things clear. We are consistent in observing agreements and rules and deal with performance and behavioural issues immediately.