Steel profile systems for monument conservation

Upgrading existing buildings is becoming more and more important. Monument conservation and the revitalisation of industrial buildings in particular are proving themselves to be an additional engine for growth in the construction and property sector. But the material of steel plays a central role in the renovation and conservation of structures thanks to its specific strengths in terms of material properties and design opportunities.

With the intricate, thermally separated steel profiles by Jansen not only authentic historical views of buildings can be perfectly reconstructed, but at the same time, all the high standards required today in terms of thermal and sound insulation as well as fire and smoke control can be fulfilled. The opportunities for use are practically limitless: from the conservation and modernisation of buildings with monument conservation in their original function – such as museums, cultural and sports facilities – to the conversion of industrial buildings to flexible living, office or recreational properties with all the freedom for second and third use.

Cultural buildings

Highly flexible in form and surface design

Commercial buildings

Outstanding heat and sound insulation

Public buildings

Invisible fire and smoke control

Industrial buildings

Maximum transparency

Recreational buildings

High safety in use