Public building

Invisible fire and smoke control

Universities, hospitals or even railway stations are generally characterised by particular complexity and size, making high demands in security and comfort as well as efficiency and sustainability. Safety in the event of a fire is of the highest priority here. It is important not to influence the historic appearance with the installation of prescribed protection systems. The fire and smoke control range of Jansen offers various solutions which, regardless of the fire protection requirement, adapt to the existing profile systems with identical appearances – with intricate views that ensure the highest level of transparency.

High-performance fire safety systems made from steel

Product standard EN 16034 for doors, gates and windows with fire and/or smoke protection properties combined with the EN 14351-1 outside doors will come into force on 1 November 2019. To ensure that Jansen fire safety systems can continue to be put on the market, Jansen is urgently working on fulfilling the standardised requirements and to maintain the existing performance values of the fire safety systems and expanding them in various areas. Jansen will give Jansen customers information on the necessary steps they need to take at the start of 2019.