Opernhaus Zurich’s Kügeliloo warehouse with Q-Bic Plus

A new JANSEN Q-Bic Plus infiltration and rainwater management system was installed for Opernhaus Zurich’s Kügeliloo warehouse on behalf of the city authorities. The system had to satisfy a number of different requirements: traffic load on the road, geological conditions, limited space, access and the size of the construction site. The key aspects of the solution were cost effectiveness, safety and high strength. With this efficient, localised rainwater management system we offer an “everything from the one supplier” service.

The opera company’s warehouse is in an urban area and closely surrounded by existing buildings. Therefore, the space available was relatively tight. JANSEN Q-Bic Plus was made for situations like this: it allows unrestricted access and design freedom, while its impressively low weight means the product is easy to handle and install. With respect to the geology of the site and soil conditions, the very high groundwater level in this area represented a challenge: the water could not be drained away by a local infiltration system.

In the light of this difficulty and the scale of the project alongside the requirements for a long and reliable service life, the client, the City of Zurich, opted for the sustainable Q-Bic Plus infiltration and retention system. The new, modular infiltration and retention system guarantees efficient rainwater management and localised release of rainwater into the area’s existing drainage infrastructure.

Efficient installation

The practical basket system excels because of its extreme ease of handling and quick installation. It took only two days to install the retention system with its 550 basket elements. This was all the time required to complete the installation of the 249.48 m3 capacity retention system including the welding of the EPDM geomembrane, covering with a protective non-woven material and backfilling with earth.


m3 capacity retention system


basket elements

Flexible combinations

The modular design of the Q-Bic Plus system takes the credit for its quick installation. The flexible combination of elements not only allows maximum freedom during the design and installation but also makes the system ideal for being adjusted to suit local circumstances. Manufactured out of 100% virgin polypropylene (PP), Q-Bic Plus is extremely corrosion resistant, which ensures a long and reliable service life. Why was the retention system installed? It was necessary to deal with the rain falling upon the very large flat roof of the warehouse building. The public drainage system could not accept the large quantities of rainwater involved. The installed storage volume provides a buffer/storage capacity for rainwater and allows it to be fed in a controlled manner into the city’s drains.

Sustainable water management

The system makes it possible to retain the mass of water even during heavy downpours and to subsequently feed this water in controlled quantities into the surrounding waterways, thus making sure no flooding of the area occurs during long periods of rain. The stored water is conducted away by Q-Bic Plus system components connected directly into the surrounding public drainage pipes and distribution chambers.

The infiltration and rainwater management system sets new standards for efficient, localised rainwater management and provides a modern answer to the need for sustainable water management.

Rain falls on the building’s very large flat roof. The public drainage system could not accept the large quantities of rainwater involved.