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Normative changes as part of the product standard EN 16034

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Monte Generoso in bloom!

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High-rise ensemble cube and tower

– two buildings, one unit

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New product: Janisol Arte 2.0

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On mezzanine floors:

Steel takes the leading role

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Jansen gives architecture new inspiration

Our quality leads us across many borders to success – thanks to high levels of skill and no less high standards of performance. Our sales subsidiaries in Germany, China, Brazil and Turkey are all pulling with us in the same direction. Moreover, with our numerous partners, we have an excellent international network to ensure our customers all over the world can enjoy highly efficient solutions.

As a company actively involved with the architecture and metalworking industries, we impress architects, investors, fabricators and assemblers all around the globe and work consistently on the further development of our steel profile systems for windows, doors, facades, and folding and sliding doors.

Also in great demand are our specialities such as highly effective fire protection products. We apply our knowledge with practical understanding to projects and achieve significant advances through early dialogue with our customers and intensive engagement with their interests.


Mehr als Systeme: Digitale Lösungen und Services aus einer Hand

More than systems: digital solutions and services from one source

Jansen presents digital solutions and services across the entire production...

Jansen reference object wins the Museums + Heritage Award

The Odunpazari Modern Museum (OMM) won the "Museums + Heritage Award" in...

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We develop and produce components for profile systems for windows, doors and facades in steel and stainless steel for all kinds of applications.


Every building tells its own history. These histories are written by creative hands and heads - with our steel systems.


We offer you a full service from planning to comprehensive after-sales services - with BIM, JANIsoft, technical advice and training.


In download centre, in addition to detailed information about our products and services, you can find useful documents about fabrication, assembly and installation.


In our media centre we provide media information and photographic material on the business, the products, events and references.