JANSEN powerwave ground source heat loops coax

Innovative technology for maximum performance

The coaxial heat loop JANSEN powerwave coax with corrugated pipe technology offers maximum efficiency. Its outer corrugated pipe makes possible better energy absorption from the ground as well as reliable and quick installation.

JANSEN powerwave coax ground source heat loops are manufactured from notch-resistant, high-quality PE 100 RC material of the latest generation. Thanks to modern production technologies and highly-qualified employees, Jansen as a Swiss manufacture guarantees a first-class, durable product certified according to current standards and that meets the requirements of SIA 384/6, ÖWAV (Austrian Water and Waste Management Association) rule sheet 207 and VDI 4640. The heat loop base welded on in the factory is delivered with an individual factory certificate in accordance with EN 10204.


  • Slender design
  • Small appliances
  • Excellently suited to refurbishments
  • Easy integration

SKZ-HR 3.44, SKZ A698

PE 100 RC


Outer pipe generally welded to special base in the factory; inner pipe optionally separate or also pre-assembled

Outer pipe
JANSEN powerwave corrugated pipe 63 x 2.9 mm

Coefficient of thermal transmittance k2, corrugated pipe
~30 W/mK

Inner pipe, variant with separate pipe
Smooth pipe 37 mm

Inner pipe, variant pre-assembled
Smooth pipe 32 mm

Minimum bending radius
0.45 m @ 20° C

Pressure rating
PN 7.4

Safety factor

Burst pressure
24.1 bar @ 20° C

Buckling pressure
6 bar @ 20° C

Volume per probe meter
1.9 l/m

Special base diameter
ø 66 mm

Associated products

  • Injection pipes PE, 25 and 32 mm
  • Ground loop weights
  • Distribution systems
  • Pipe connectors
  • Fittings and electrically welded sleeves


JANSEN powerwave ground source heat loops coax
JANSEN powerwave ground source heat loops coax