JANSEN hipress

The most powerful ground source heat loop in the world

JANSEN hipress reaches new dimensions in geothermal energy. As the most powerful ground source heat loop in the world, it has the lowest hydraulic resistance in relation to the installation diameter required.

The Earth is an immense energy store. Jansen is an expert in making this store accessible for heating or cooling. Because the Earth's temperature increases with increasing depth, the energy requirement of large buildings can be covered using deep ground source heat loops even if space is limited.


  • Pressure requirements up to PN 35
  • Diffusion-resistant
  • Familiar handling
  • Very low hydraulic pressure
  • Small installation diameter
  • Very high thermal transmittance

Raw material
PE 100 RC (polyethylene resistant to cracking)
in accordance with PAS 1075

Continuous operating temperature
-20° C to +40° C

Pressure rating
PN 35 (safety factor: 1.25)

Heat loop pipes
42 x 3.5 mm PE-metal-PE-multi-layer

Connection pipes
40 x 3.7 mm PE

Minimum bending radius
840 mm @ 20° C
1470 mm @ 10° C
2100 mm @ 0° C

ERecommended minimum laying temperature
-5° C

Delivery form
1 heat loop per pallet; 40 mm connection pipes within the group

Volume per metre heat loop
3.85 l/m

Requirements met
EN 21003

JANSEN hipress
JANSEN hipress