Insulated pipes

External insulation for heating and sanitary pipes

Insulating hot-water pipes reduces heat loss (see German Energy Conservation Directive). In addition, pipe insulation reduces sound propagation


  • Suitable for construction site handling
  • Soft ethylene foam, 100% HFCKW and HFKW free
  • Foam butt-welded and close fitting
  • Strong, tear-resistant cover foil without weld seam

Ethylene soft insulation foam 100% HFCKW- und HFKW free

Pipe structure

  • Medium pipe
  • Soft ethylene foam, welded
  • PE cover foil

Sanitary and heating installations with hot and cold fluids, process heat in industrial and plant installations, ventilation and climate protection

Available options

  • Coils
  • for pipe sizes 16 - 32 mm
  • Cover foil green, brown, white, grey, red, blue

Insulation thicknesses

  • 6 mm und 10 mm
  • 15 mm und 20 mm on request

  • SKZ-A349
  • SVGW 1410-6325

Variants Dimensions Standards / approvals
Coils,pre-insulated 14 - 26 mm SKZ-A349
Coils,pre-insulated 16 - 32 mm SVGW 1410-6325


Insulated pipes