Unpleasant odours

Effectively preventing the spread of offensive smells

Offensive smells are just as detrimental to our wellbeing as unpleasant noises. In the private sphere this may be the smell of chlorine form a swimming pool, and in the public sphere this may be exhaust air from a large kitchen. The topic of health protection is increasing in importance with the use of chemical construction products (e.g. VOCs, volatile organic compounds).

Anti-smell function as odour barriers

However, some smells do not vanish quickly, but stick around and need to be kept at bay. Internal non-loadbearing partitions according to DIN 4103 can serve as odour barriers. To eliminate an unpleasant odour without forming a visual barrier, glazed partitions are the weapon of choice.

Steel profile systems against unpleasant odours

Partitions constructed from Jansen steel profiles are ideal for large-format glass panes for a particularly spacious feel. The non-insulated steel profile system Art’ 15, for example, is perfect for the interiors of new and existing buildings. Thanks to its improved anti-noise and anti-smell function, offensive odours and noise can be effectively blocked.