Protection from attack by external forces

Safety and wellbeing go hand in hand

Safety is a subjective feeling that is different for each and every one of us. But what always holds is that we only feel comfortable when we feel safe. In private homes, this may be protection against burglars, and in public buildings this may be the certainty that you can escape to safety quickly in the event of a fire. Additional requirements, such as bullet- and bomb-proofing, not only save human lives but also protect possessions and belongings from loss and irrevocable destruction.

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Other topics

Fire protection

Protecting human lives and material assets from destructive flames.

Smoke protection

Preventing the spread of poisonous smoke gases.

Burglar resistance

Windows, doors and façades that offer resistance.

Bullet resistance

Calculable protection against firearm attack.

Explosion protection

Secure protection against terror and violence.