JANSEN insulated systems

Systematically beating heat loss

In order to ensure that the fluid arrives at the destination at the correct temperature – irrespective of the distance covered. 

Insulated double-walled polyethylene pipes protect the medium from heat loss and frost. They are suitable in shallow cover, on bridges or when pipes are laid exposed. If necessary, the pipes can be fitted at the factory with trace heating or frost protection strips with thermostat. Insulated branch fittings, bends and non-standard fittings are manufactured to suit the project requirements.

The insulated pipe systems are pre-assembled at the factory to the extent possible. In cases where connections have to be made on site, a complete installation set for the system is available.


  • Medium pipe
  • Pressure pipe of PE 100 RC
  • Insulation: PUR foam
  • FCKW-free
  • Protection conduit
  • Jansen bianco
  • Sewer pipe

Available options
All Jansen PE pipe systems are also available with insulation.


  • Drinking water supply
  • Waste water pressure lines
  • Hot water pressure lines

Special feature

  • Open trench
  • Shallow cover

PAS 1075 type
Heat- and cold-resistant

Embedding when installed in the ground
Gravel or sand up to 16 mm

Insulated pipes

Diameter of protection conduit dn Diameter of fluid pipe dn
110 - 400 mm 32 - 315 mm

Larger dimensions on request

JANSEN insulated systems
JANSEN insulated systems