Design for aesthetes –
Generating enthusiasm

Jansen strives to inspire, exceeding the functional requirements. After all, good design fulfils sensual demands in addition to the intended function. It guarantees a perceptible harmony by ensuring that a component perfectly fulfils its functional purpose. In addition, it should also enable the optimal combination of partial aspects: Then the element serves, for example, to emphasise or optimally set the scene for something – a fantastic view, the incident sunlight or an architectural feature.

Windows, doors and – even more – complete facades make a significant contribution to modern architecture: In the various variants, they help to achieve the desired effects. Sometimes they blend in as discreetly as possible, sometimes they take on a leading role as a striking design element. Dealing with their form and colour is just as much a part of the planning process  as the question of how the element fits into the building: Should it be straightforward modern or playful baroque? How much light should it provide inside and how much of a view outside? – Jansen allows designers to choose which style they would like to follow.

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