KHI House


Each window is a revelation

The outer wall is pierced in just a few places. The first of these is in the living area, where a huge sliding door opens up the building and expands the living space to the outdoors. Then the four wings of the building also extend to room-height window sashes at each end. Thanks to the Jansen Economy 60 steel profile system and its slender design, the casements impress with their vast glass surfaces and the minimal face widths of the slim profiles. The design and functionality of these elements are fully geared towards creating a large opening in the outer shell. The other window openings in the bedrooms, bathrooms and ancillary rooms – individual, vertically oriented narrow windows that are deeply recessed into the reveal – are also constructed  using Jansen Economy 60. The proven burglar resistance and mechanical strength of the steel profile system with a construction depth of 60 millimetres is particularly appreciated in villas and sparsely populated regions.

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