JANIsoft machine control

JANIsoft machine control for rapid processing

You can process a selection of steel systems with the new JANIsoft machine control. The processing data is transmitted to the machines in a data exchange file. All profile processing activities can be displayed in advance in 3D processing mode and can be adjusted to suit the customer's requirements at an early stage. The intended processes can be checked in advance using JANIsoft in the office or on the production floor. Jansen metalworking machine control supports different saw types and profile machining centres

Product benefits

  • Unit entry and production planning in one software solution
  • Automatic calculation of profile processing work
  • Processing mode visualised in 3D
  • Processes can be easily adapted to suit the customer's special requirements

Fabrication benefits

  • Error prevention through visualisation of the fitting components and processes in 3D
  • Automatic wall recognition reduces fabrication time
  • Optimum interaction with machines using just one exchange file
  • Faster entry for customer-specific profile processes due to processing lists
  • Displaying and dimensioning the processes reduce errors
  • Serial processing for fast entry of repeat processes

Control using JANIsoft

Control system schematic

The optional add-on module for JANIsoft "MCO-output" allows the user to generate a machine file for Jansen or Schüco profile systems directly from JANIsoft. The output from JANIsoft is in the form of a machine file with an ".enc" extension. This file can be directly uploaded into Schüco machines. For other manufacturers' machines, a file converter is needed to convert the ".enc" format to one that can be read by the other machine (e.g. ".cx").