BMW garage Muzzolini


Only a few materials – glass, steel, white wall – were used to build ‘Garage Muzzolini’. The result is an unpretentious building with a surrounding façade made of highly static Jansen VISS 60 profiles which reaches seven to seven-and-a-half metres, and makes a clear and distinctive statement in this mixed urban area. The architect consciously opted for the highly static Jansen VISS 60 profile system: “We were looking for an elegant solution, and the metalworker drew our attention to this profile,” he says. “In view of the huge glass loads, we were won over straight away by the surprisingly narrow face width.” With the highly static Jansen VISS 60 profiles, it was possible to continue the supporting structure of the shell, which was kept as minimal as possible, into the façade as well. Since steel has a modulus of elasticity three times greater than that of aluminium, the size of the profile cross-sections can be reduced accordingly.

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