Normative changes as part of the product standard EN 16034

What is EN 16034?

EN 16034 is a harmonised European product standard for doors, gates and windows which regulates the requirements with regard to fire and smoke protection properties. It must always be used in combination with EN 14351-1 for external pedestrian doorsets or EN 14351-2 for internal pedestrian doorsets (as soon as it is published in the official journal of the EU and harmonisation has taken place).

Why is the date 1st November 2019 so important?

The EN 16034 standard has been harmonised and in force along with the national regulations since its introduction in 2016. This phase is called the coexistence phase. The coexistence phase finishes at the end of October 2019 and EN 16034 will enter into force on 1st November 2019. On this date, all national approvals for external doors and windows will thereby become invalid.

What does this have to do with me as a metal fabricator?

The standard also includes requirements for manufacturers of fire protection barriers. Fulfilment of the requirements in line with this standard is confirmed by means of a certificate of constancy of performance, issued by a product certification body. Once EN 16034 comes into force, this will permit the manufacturer to put products on the market with the CE marking, which will be mandatory.

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How does Jansen support metal fabricators regarding EN 16034?

That sounds like a lot of work and it is. However, the bulk of the work only needs to be carried out once. We would like to support you as best we can here and offer you serveral programmes.

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Why is the subject being brought up now?

As we have already mentioned, only the standard for external doors has been harmonised. The harmonisation of the standard for internal doors is expected by the end of this year, from when there will be a coexistence phase. Furthermore, national approvals will still be valid until the coexistence phase ends.

Why taking care of it now?

  • Competitive advantage, because all specifications can be used (those drawn up according to national regulations and those in accordance with EN standards)
  • There will also be projects in the EU area
  • At the moment, the product certification bodies etc. still have adequate capacity available
  • Less stressful if done now
  • You will have to make the switch at some time anyway


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