Neue Spinnerei

DE-Wangen im Allgäu

Living and working in an industrial monument

Thanks to the reconstruction of the large-scale industrial glazing with the Janisol Arte 66 window system, it was possible to preserve the design character of the building - and yet it still meets today's energy requirements, without which the conversion to a residential and commercial building would be unthinkable.

"The discussion about the repair of the windows determined the renovation project from the very beginning," says the client, Wolfgang Forster. "With our experience as metalworkers and enthusiasm for the project, we were keen to retain the industrial glazing that characterises the building." However, the more than 100 windows and fixed glazing units were ultimately made from the newer Janisol Arte 66 glazing bar system with a construction depth of only 66 millimetres.

All flats also have roof terraces in front, which can be opened up to the living space with floor-to-ceiling lift-and-slide doors made from the ASS 70 HI aluminium system from Schüco.  

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