JANSEN geotwin

The new generation of ground source heat loops

As standard, JANSEN geotwin ground source heat loops are manufactured from notch-resistant, high-quality PE 100 RC material of the latest generation with innovative production technologies.

Optionally they can also be manufactured from high-temperature resistant PERT material. The heat loop base welded on in the factory is delivered with an individual factory certificate in accordance with EN 10204. Each heat loop can be identified by its serial number; this number is used for complete traceability from the raw material used to the site. The unique, patented double-pipe winding gives the JANSEN geotwin its name and offers various advantages such as:

  • Quick, straightforward reel mounting
  • Even unwinding
  • External pipe ends
  • Very little space required
  • Detachable heat loop base
  • Reinforced sides
  • Sleeve-mandrel welding
  • Hydraulically optimised channel
  • Pipes made of PE 100 RC of the latest generation


  • PE 100 RC (polyethylene resistant to cracking) or PE 100 RT (high-temperature resistant)

Available options

  • Dimensions: 32 – 40 mm
  • Pressure rating: PN 16 - PN 20 (safety factor: 1.25)
  • Heat loop lengths: 50 m – 335 m


Material density
~ 0.95g/cm3

Pipe roughness
0.03 mm

Recommended minimum laying temperature
-10° C

Approvals / certifications

  • SKZ Guideline HR 3.26
  • SKZ quality seal A530
  • EN 10204-3.1
  • Material as per PAS 1075

Associated products

  • Grouting suspensions
  • Injection pipes
  • Frost protection
  • Distribution systems
  • Smooth geothermal pipes
  • Fittings and tools

DimensionPressure rating Special lengths Special base øMinimum bending radii at 20° C
32 x 2.9 mm
SDR11 / S5
PN 1660 - 170 m101 mm0.65 m
40 x 3.7 mm
SDR11 / S5
PN 16100 - 300 m115 mm0.80 m
40 x 4.5 mm
SDR9 / S4
PN 20200 - 325 m115 mm0.80 m


Range of products
You will find information on lengths in stock and on the accessories in our price list. If you have any questions on possible applications, please contact our technical advisers.


JANSEN geotwin, 40 x 3.7 mm and 40 x 4.5 mm

40 x 3.7 mm (dark green) and 40 x 4.5 mm (light green)

JANSEN geotwin, 32 x 2.9 mm

JANSEN geotwin
JANSEN geotwin
JANSEN geotwin