Private house Çanakkale


A modern property with a vintage look 

The exposed location of the guesthouse with its connected, technical functional buildings meant that use of the narrow Janisol Arte 2.0 steel window systems was a perfect fit. Consisting of strip galvanised steel, stainless steel and Corten steel, Jansen AG’s aesthetically sophisticated system with profile face widths of 25 and 40 millimetres in the fixed glazing and a construction depth of 60 millimetres is an impressive solution for robust designs with a high proportion of glass and the thermal insulation properties required in various climate zones. Wind loads naturally had to be taken into account. and, in this design, they encounter profiles that can withstand wind pressures of up to 2000 pascals. 

The bathroom is equipped with wooden furniture and flooring, and features Jansen Art’15 internal doors and room dividers which were designed by the Metaltek metalworking company in accordance with the corresponding design requirements. Here, too, the idea of enjoying the views made possible by the prominent position while consciously using contrasting materials as a design element is palpable. 

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