Europa building


Security of the highest calibre

Many of the infamous ‘closed doors’, behind which the heads of state and government meet in the Europa building in Brussels, feature a combination of RC3-class break-in resistance, FB6- class bullet resistance and EXR 3 explosion resistance, all packaged neatly into one profile: the Economy 60 system from Jansen.

The security standard is based on the scope of any potential attack, as well as how resistant the other sections of the façade are. In the entrance area, for example, where the risk of intrusion is particularly high, the bullet-proof triple-laminated glass of the thermal façade has additional reinforcement. The site-specific security and protection measures in the entrance areas also include a series of single and double-leaf revolving doors manufactured by the Belgian metalworker Lootens Deinze NV using the Economy 60 steel profile system from Jansen.

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