Bötzow Brewery


Renovation of the listed brewery buildings

The former Bötzow brewery is centrally located in Berlin, just a few minutes’ walk from Alexanderplatz. The masterplan by David Chipperfield Architects is based on the previous structure and design of the brewery grounds. The top priority of the renovation of the Bötzow brewery was to preserve the architectural character of the collection of buildings. Windows, doors and fixed glazing made from Jansen steel profile systems help to achieve this aim.

Thanks to this wide range of construction options, Janisol Arte 2.0 was ideally suited to the project with its many different windows and opening types. For five of the seven brewery buildings, Hage Metallbau manufactured, among other things, pivot windows (some with an RWA drive), round arched windows and fixed glazing as well as a number of property-specific special constructions, such as small round windows with an openable sash, a folding system with a skylight and oversized patio doors with a round arch.

Fixed fire-resistant glazing proved to be challenging in terms of production technology, and with a folding wall made from the Janisol steel profile system, the challenge was to absorb the deflection across the element width of four metres and to reduce the weight of the folding unit. On the 1st floor, filigree fixed glazing alternates with motorised pivoting sashes without any noticeable difference in the width of the elevation: this is only possible with Janisol Arte 2.0.

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