Alte Aktienspinnerei


From spinning to the central library

The listed ‘Alte Aktienspinnerei’ building in Chemnitz, Saxony, will house the library and archive of Chemnitz University of Technology in the future. The former spinning works was revitalised under the stipulation that the building be restored to its original cubature and that its character as an industrial building be maintained. To achieve this, the previous industrial glazings were reproduced using the Janisol Primo steel profile system.

“The main focus here is on checking the safety systems”, says Siegmar Lungwitz, lead architect for the project from the working group ‘Alte Aktienspinnerei Chemnitz’. Forst-based metalworker Metalltechnik Kuhle, manufactured the new elements based on the Janisol Primo profile system. However, the apertures were not permanently glazed rather they were fitted with auto-open skylights as part of the fire-protection and ventilation concept. The fact that the windows can also now be opened for ventilation is a welcome side effect which increases user comfort.

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