VPC pipe coupler

Permanently leak-proof connection of pipes
The VPC pipe coupler is suitable for connecting different types of pipe with different diameters.

The Connex connection system is suitable for the lateral connection of pipes made of PP, PE and PVC-U to thin-walled main sewers. It is also possible to use Fabekun saddles for lateral connection of pipes made of PP, PE and PVC-U to thick-walled main sewers made of concrete, fibre cement and stoneware. The selection of connector depends on the internal diameter and wall thickness of the main pipe.

All types of pipe can be connected perfectly with each other. The system therefore establishes a new quality standard in terms of flexibility and water-tightness. This pipe coupler makes installation simpler, safer and quicker while making a sustainable contribution to environmental protection. In addition, the new VPC pipe coupler can also be used for permanent watertight connections of pipes with identical nominal diameters made of concrete, stoneware, fibre cement, PP, PE or PVC. These pipes may have a smooth, corrugated or ribbed external surface. The adaptation is carried out evenly centred and independently on either side of the pipe coupler.


  • Tested water-tightness up to 2.5 bar
  • Non-corroding tie straps of V2A
  • Double sealing profile on both sides
  • Each side can accommodate an angle of up to 3°
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Stepless adaptation on both sides

Various plastics


  • Saddle connectors for retrofitted connections of dn 160/200
  • Pipe couplers for various pipe materials
  • Watertight connection of different pipe materials

Field of application

  • Saddle connectors for external main pipe diameters of 200 to 1500 mm
  • VPC pipe coupler for external pipe diameters of 102 to 690 mm


  • Connex: Q-Plus certificate No. 19019
  • Fabekun: Q-Plus certificate No. 19014

VPC pipe couplers

Fluid pipe, nominal dimension Size range, external diameter dn
100 mm 102 - 133 mm
125 mm 123 - 161 mm
150 mm 160 - 192 mm
200 mm K 183 - 226 mm
250* mm 250 - 324 mm
300 mm 313 - 382 mm
455 mm 385 - 455 mm
565 mm 495 - 565 mm
590 mm 520 - 590 mm
730 mm 660 - 730 mm
850 mm 780 - 850 mm
940 mm 870 - 940 mm
1010 mm 940 - 1010 mm

* incl. eccentric ring for connection at base level

VPC pipe coupler