PE-RT barrier pipe FUTURA

Underfloor heating pipe made of polyethylene with an aluminium layer

The FUTURA underfloor heating pipe is manufactured from heat-resistant polyethylene and is up to 40% more pliable than comparable products, but nevertheless retains its shape. This means that the FUTURA barrier pipe is easier and quicker to install, and requires less force, compared to conventional aluminium barrier pipes..


  • Only for low-temperature applications
  • Very soft
  • Easy to install, low force required
  • The application areas can be correctly identified on the basis of the pipe classification

Pipe structure

  • Inner pipe PE
  • Bonding layer
  • Aluminium butt-welded
  • Bonding layer
  • PE, natural

Pipe colour
Standard colour white

Application areas

  • Underfloor and wall heating systems and cooling ceilings
  • Heating installations: due to their excellent soft bending characteristics the pipes are suited to underfloor and wall heating systems as well as cooling ceilings. A particular advantage is that less force is required for the installation process

Standards / approvals

  • EN ISO 2
  • 100SKZ-A349

Variants Dimensions
Coils 16 mm


16 x 2.0
KI 4
4 bar


PE-RT barrier pipe FUTURA