JANSEN powerwave ground source heat loops single-u

Maximum performance: in comparison to conventional ground source heat loops, the JANSEN powerwave single-u has measurably higher thermal transfer performance and a larger energy storage volume. The structured surface finish on the corrugated pipe ensures leak-proof, reliable grouting that ensures better vertical bore hole sealing. Both advantages also beneficial to the system over its service life.

SKZ-HR 3.44, SKZ A698

PE 100 RC

Pipe type
JANSEN powerwave Wellrohr 63 x 2.9 mm

Coefficient of thermal transmittance k2, corrugated pipe
~30 W/mK

Minimum bending radius
0.45 m @ 20° C

Pressure rating
PN 7.4

Safety factor

Burst pressure
24.1 bar @ 20° C

Buckling pressure
6 bar @ 20° C

Volume per probe meter
4.54 l/m

Special base diameter
Ø 130 mm


JANSEN powerwave ground source heat loops single-u