Double pipe system

By combining double pipe systems with JANSEN system manholes it is possible to install wastewater lines in water quality management areas.

Double pipe lines can be installed by inserting a welded PE sewer pipe in an existing sewer pipe or by installing a factory-made double-pipe system. Such double-walled pipe lines can be laid up to individual houses if required. The integrity of the pipe line can easily be checked with the help of the fitted shut-off devices for filling and venting. No other system offers the same integrity and checking options of lines and manholes.

Product Details

Inner and outer pipes made of polyethylene


  • Conduits with annular rigidity of SN1 to SN16 are possible
  • Fluid pipes are possible in the pressure classes PN10 to PN25



  • For drainage or supply lines in water quality management areas
  • Industrial wastewater

External diameter

  • Fluid pipe: 50 to 400mm
  • Sleeve pipe: 110 to 630mm

Available options
Smooth end

Connection devices

  • Fluid pipe welded
  • Sleeve pipe push-fitted with sliding sleeve
Double pipe system
Double pipe system
Double pipe system
Double pipe system