Mall of Switzerland

First plastic infiltration box with Swiss Q-Plus certificate

Switzerland's second largest shopping centre, the "Mall of Switzerland", is located in Ebikon/LU. 150 shops and restaurants are spread over about 65,000 m2. The complex includes a cinema, sports facilities and a generous residential development.

With the "Ebisquare", a large outside space that also functions as a link between the different building compledes, the "Mall of Switzerland" hopes to attract people to open-air activities, especially in summer.

In view of the fact that geological soil conditions in the Ebikon region do not permit natural infiltration of rainwater, it was mandatory to build a retention system. This makes it possible to retain the mass of water even during heavy downpours and to subsequently feed this water in controlled quantities into the surrounding waterways.

It was calculated that the large area of the "Ebisquare" needed two independent retention systems totalling 141 m3 (94 m3 & 47 m3); this required 420 Q-Bic Plus box elements.