Mubea completes takeover of Jansen Steel Tubes


Following approval from the competition authorities, Mubea completed the takeover of Jansen Group’s Steel Tubes division on 1 April 2021.

Mubea is an owner-operated family company and a world market leader in the development and manufacture of complex automotive components. At the start of April, OBR Steel Tubes AG, part of the Mubea Group, completed the takeover of Jansen GmbH in Dingelstädt, Germany and the business areas within the “Steel Tubes” division in Oberriet, Switzerland. The company will continue to use the brand name Jansen Steel Tubes.  
The completed transaction represents another milestone for Jansen in the process of refining its orientation. As a supply company within the construction industry, Jansen will, in future, focus on specific segments in which the company can build and develop a leading role: namely, steel and aluminium system and plastic products.

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