Reliable fire protection – for human life and material assets


Fire protection doors help save lives. They serve to seal off fire compartments, delaying the spread of fire and smoke for a specified period. Through their insulating properties, they inhibit a rise in temperatures outside of the fire compartment and thus contribute to securing escape routes via staircases and corridors, for example.

Steel profiles are ideal for the manufacture of fire and smoke protection doors and glazed panels, as they are neither combustible nor lose much of their inherent stability during a fire. Jansen’s fire protection profiles combine the substance-specific properties of steel with the benefits of ceramic fire protection material. Thanks to the innovative fire-resistant filling, fire resistance classes up to EI90 can be achieved with a construction depth of just 70 mm. Fittings, locks and accessories can easily be integrated into the profiles.

  • Janisol 1 fire-proof windows : the Janisol 1 system for windows and fixed glazing units, together with the systems for doors and fixed glazing, complement the fire safety product range.
  • VISS: countless building projects, along with a multitude of international tests and authorisations in classes E/EW30–E/EW90, EI30 and EI60, demonstrate the reliability of the VISS façade in its many versions, in terms of protection from both heat and fire. The extended classification of the VISS Fire EI30 curtain wall opens up for architects unimaginable design perspectives with tested element sizes of up to 12 square metres. It offers greater creative freedom in the comprehensive planning of fire protection façades, including entrance areas, while simultaneously ensuring that the high functional and legal requirements are met.

Heavy-duty steel profile systems meet stringent fire protection requirements while also allowing for extremely narrow face widths. In this way, our tested fire and smoke protection systems for doors combine functionality and flexibility. With a fully developed range of uninsulated and thermally insulated door, window and façade systems in steel, stainless steel and Corten steel, Jansen provides profile systems that offer both system solutions and building-specific safety measures, according to the fire resistance class and situation required at the site.

Countless authorisations granted in numerous countries are evidence of the quality of Jansen products. These authorisations are regularly updated in consultation with architects, planners, users and building authorities.

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