Strategic partnership between Jansen and SFS in the window sector


Jansen AG and the SFS Group are entering into a strategic partnership focusing on the CONNEX wood/metal window system. Jansen will be acting as the system provider and concentrating on the product development side, while SFS will now be the exclusive distribution partner for Jansen’s CONNEX brand.

As of 1 January 2021, the two globally active companies Jansen AG and SFS Group will cooperate on the CONNEX wood-metal window system from the manufacturer Jansen. The proven Jansen brand CONNEX will now be distributed by SFS as an exclusive partner in Switzerland. The cooperation is based on strategic considerations: Jansen can further strengthen its innovation pipeline and SFS can further expand both its product portfolio and its market position.

Commitment to Switzerland as a business location
This partnership will enable these two global companies to underscore their corporate responsibility and promote Switzerland as a business location, while safeguarding jobs and training places in the Rhine valley.

Jansen retains responsibility for Product Management
In relation to CONNEX, Jansen will focus on its core competencies of product development, engineering and digitalisation in the value creation process. Jansen will also continue to oversee Procurement and Product Management of the CONNEX wood/metal window system. This will allow the company to focus on specific segments of the construction industry and further consolidate its leading role in this sector. In-depth expertise and leading technological know-how are key factors in this.

Customer support from SFS
SFS will be acting as a service provider for market cultivation and a direct contact partner for customers. SFS will provide support for existing Jansen CONNEX customers in future. SFS’ distribution network ensures that comprehensive customer care can be provided. SFS also offers packaging of the CONNEX system components as well as warehousing and C-parts logistics, providing additional added value for the customer.

Thanks to the proximity of the two companies and their complementary strengths, Jansen and SFS are certain that customers in the wood/metal window sector will receive even better service in future.

Jansen Jansen AG - Strategische Kooperation Jansen – SFS im Fensterbereich