CNC-AF 250

The AF 250 is a compact 3-axis CNC machine with a pneumatic rotating support table. Machining lengths of 3.2 m or excess lengths in two stages, the 3-sided machining and pre-head processing make it suitable for use in the field of window and door fabrication.

  • 3-sided machining of aluminium and steel profiles
  • Machining of steel (S235 up to about 3 mm wall thickness)
  • 3.8 kW spindle / max. 18,000 rpm / compressed air cooled
  • Network card
  • Stiff machine bed for high loading
  • The main axes slide on precision linear guideways
  • The profile is firmly held by 4 pneumatic clamps
  • Absolute displacement measurement system, therefore no reference run is necessary
  • 2 foldable fixed stops for accurately defining the zero point, allowing lengths of up to 6.4 m to be processed
  • Automatic tool changer with 5 places
  • The tool is cooled by a minimum pulse spray device.
  • 4 positionable clamps
    • Clamp movement is done using the processing unit
  • Swarf tray integrated into the machine bed
  • Paint finish: RAL 9006 (white aluminium), RAL 7016 (anthracite grey)

Operation and control

  • Easy-to-use control panel with 19“ TFT colour display
  • The design and calculations software package is used as the machine control
  • Windows® is the common operating system for SchüCam and JANIsoft
  • The machine is supplied with the software installed
  • Processes for the AF 250 can be generated directly in the design software
  • SchüCam can be used on an ordinary office PC
  • The SchüCam software is operated on the machine in the same way as on the office PC
  • SchüCam with visualisation of the profiles, tools and the processing to assist with monitoring on both an office PC and on the machine
  • Quick and easy transfer of machining data by USB or over the network
  • Simple, menu-based modification of machining macros without the need for NC programming knowledge
  • In-house programming without the need for NC / CNC knowledge
  • Remote maintenance software

Height 1990 mm
Depth 1640 mm
Width 5280 mm
Weight 2200 kg
Speed 18,000 rpm
Output 3.8 kW
Voltage 400 volt
Frequency 50 Hz
Current 16 A
Operation pressure 7 bar
Compressed air consumption 30
CNC-AF 250