Supercade Manitas


Supercade Manitas and Manitas cable car station, Bogotá 

For the first time, the new administration building houses all the main offices and authorities under one roof. The new cable car not only bridges a topo-graphically difficult terrain, but also the gap between rich and poor: With the transport-optimised connection of Ciudad Bolívar to the centre of Bogotá, access to the city is now improved for an expanded population.  

A mullion-transom façade made of Jansen VISS Basic contributes to the bright, inviting ambience of the Supercade Manitas administration and service centre. The transparency of the outer shell continues inside the building with numerous fixed glazings, glass doors and windows made of the non-insulated steel system Jansen Economy 50. The architects chose steel sys-tems from Jansen for this as well, because they guarantee precisely the robustness and longterm functional efficiency that a highly frequented traffic and administration building requires. The large-scale glazing unmistakably signals the transparency and openness that the city administration wants to show to its citizens.

Even if not everyone can afford to ride the TransMiCable, the Supercade Manitas has become an inviting public place where everyone can enjoy the conveniences of the 21st century with its reliable network and communication systems.

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