Paragon 700 Boutique Hotel & Spa


Centuries-old gem: Asymmetrical profile shapes

The relatively new boutique and design hotel Paragon 700 pays homage to the history of its location. Over several years of work, they managed to trans-form the elegant red palace dating from the 18th century into a small luxury retreat. A custom-made product consisting of Janisol profiles helped them to realise their very unique style.

However, in order to elevate a building like this to the level of a luxury hotel, a large number of practical adjustments needed to be made to the building. Here too, the owners were able to indulge their love of design. This can be seen in the windows and the door to the restaurant, an old stone hall with a vaulted ceiling, leading onto a terrace. For these, Pascale Lauber designed asymmetrical profile shapes with sash bars, evoking the appearance of a diamond. They were manufactured using the Janisol steel profile system. By choosing to use Jansen’s product, Pascale Lauber opted for a design-friendly, thermally separated profile and chose to work with, in her words, the "world leader" in this sector.

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