Q-Bic Plus rainwater management

The flexible infiltration box system for retention and infiltration systems.

Rainwater management involves the collection, transport, pre-treatment, restriction and infiltration/retention of rainwater. Rainwater management systems are used in various situations including private, municipal and industrial applications. Jansen offers smart complete solutions for traffic area drainage systems, drainage and pre-treatment systems, retention and infiltration systems.

In addition to the properties normally expected of a storage element, Q-Bic Plus sets a completely new benchmark in terms of design freedom, speed of installation and accessibility – the facts speak for themselves!


  • Design freedom
  • Quick installation
  • Accessibility
  • Low weight
  • High strength

New polypropylene (PP) material

Modular, depends on the height of the system



  • Private drainage
  • Industrial drainage
  • Municipal buildings
  • Drainage for building developments
  • Industrial buildings

Dimensions (WxDxH)
1200 mm x 600 mm x 630 mm

Gross volume
max. 454 litres

Net volume
max. 436 litres

Storage coefficient
max. > 96 %

DN/OD 160, 200, 315, 400

Max. loadbearing capacity
SLW 60

Q-Bic Plus is the first rainwater management system to obtain the Qplus approval for infiltration systems from Swiss Quality.


The components, consisting of base plate, storage element, side and top plates and I & R manhole, are assembled by Jansen for the respective project. In addition to the plastic elements, Jansen also supplies the necessary fleeces, which means the complete system arrives on site ready for installation.

Q-Bic Plus rainwater management
Q-Bic Plus rainwater management
Q-Bic Plus rainwater management
Q-Bic Plus rainwater management