PE-Xb standard pipe PRIMA

Pipes for sanitary installations made from cross-linked polyethylene

The PE-X pipes for sanitary installations are manufactured from cross-linked polyethylene. The product is cross-linked intermolecularly in a second work process. This process gives the pipe greater mechanical and thermal resistance.


  • Certified for drinking water
  • The application areas can be correctly identified on the basis of the pipe classification

Pipe structure
PE-Xb with DVGW approval

Pipe colour
Standard colour white

Standard colour black

Drinking water installations: suitable for surface-mounted and under-plaster installation, rising mains and sub-distribution.

Standards / approvals

  • ISO 15875
  • DVGW DW-8306ATA2354

Variants Dimensions
Coils 16 - 20 mm


16 x 2.2 20 x 2.8
Kl 1/2
10 bar
Kl 1/2
10 bar


PE-Xb standard pipe PRIMA