JANSEN system chambers

Thanks to its low weight, the JANSEN system chamber can be installed quickly and easily by hand, even in difficult terrain.

The modular system also ensures rapid construction progress when deadlines are tight. No major aids are required for transport and installation. With a double lip seal, absolute tightness against water pressure from inside and outside is achieved between the individual chamber components.


  • Absolute tightness
  • Low weight
  • Durability
  • No corrosion
  • High stability
  • Integrated risers 


  • Polypropylene PP
  • Polyethylene PE-HD

Modular construction of various base, ring and cone components

Black outside, the inside bottom is white


  • Sewer 
  • Double-walled pipelines (water protection zone)
  • As pressure breakers in steep pipes
  • Drainage for building developments
  • Energy destruction
  • Water protection zone

Internal diameter
dn 500, 625, 800, 1'000 and 1'250 mm. Other diameters on request

Flexible height adjustment are possible thanks to different chamber rings

The individual chamber components can be supplied in diameters of 625, 800 and 1000 mm, depending on the material. The chamber bottoms are equipped with prefabricated, straight pass-through channels - dn 160 to 500 mm - as well as additional inlets optionally on the right and/or left. Curved channels in 15° increments complete the range. By angling up to 7.5° in the welded-in push-in sockets, all angles from 0 to 90° can thus be covered. Prefabricated chamber bottoms with two, three or five connections are also available, the inlets of which can be opened if required. Flat bottoms without a channel and round bottoms with a hemispherical shape complete the range. By plugging together the individual system components - bottom, rings and cones - any chamber height can be achieved. The exact height adjustment is made by shortening the cone up to max. 250 mm.

JANSEN system chambers
JANSEN system chambers
JANSEN system chambers