JANSEN ecobox

the space-saving manifold solution on the house wall

PE, PVC (ball valves)


Heat pump connection  

63, 90, 110, 125 mm

Brine circuit connection

50 mm

Continuous service temperature
-20° C … +40°C (DIN 8074)

Production according to
SIA 384/6, ÖWAV 207, VDI 4640, etc.
DVS 2212-1, REACH

Hydrostatic load class

Load capacity of lid
200 kg


Lines looking downwards
All circuit connections are equipped with ball valves and – like the ø 50 mm main connections – looking downwards, below the frost line.

With mounting ledge
For installation at a wall. Thanks to the waterproof cover, which withstands the weight of a person, the box can also be installed offside the house.


  • Fittings and electrically welded sleeves
  • Stop valves for the utility room
  • Pressure and temperature displays
  • Manual ventilator
  • Wall collar and press ring
  • BEGU lid and load absorption plates
  • Antifreeze concentrate (in drum or IBC)

The distribution chambers can be equipped with optional accessories

Larger main sewer sizes and alternative reinforced manhole covers can be found in the price list.

BEGU lids, including load absorption plates, permit convenient installation underneath car parks and similar surfaces without complex load absorption measures on site.
This accessory as well as additional fittings and dome structures can also be found in our price list.

JANSEN ecobox