JANSEN comfort

the horizontal chamber with more space for greater comfort


  • PE, PVC (ball valves)
  • Stainless steel (butterfly valves/panels)
  • Brass (fittings and transitions)


Heat pump connection

63, 90, 110, 125 mm

Continuous service temperature
-20° C … +40°C (DIN 8074)

Production according to
SIA 384/6, ÖWAV rule sheet 207, VDI 4640, etc.
DVS 2212-1, REACH

Hydrostatic load class

  • Standard: p1.5 (0.15 bar)
  • Option: p5 (0.5 bar) / p10 (1 bar)

Load capacity of lid

  • Standard: A15 (1.5 t)
  • Option: B125 (12.5 t)

Dome and cover class A15
The JANSEN comfort 1000 manifold chambers are specially designed for use under buildings or streets. Already in the standard version they are equipped with a dome, whereby a proper implementation into and water-tight sealing of the concrete slab is possible.

Dome and cover class A15
The full equipment (including air bleed valves and thermomanometer) is of the highest quality and easily accessible for inspection or maintenance. All probe connections are going out on the same side. Therefore, inside the chamber remains a comfortable space for movement and sufficient space for additional installations. The direction of the main lines is selectable.

Safe entry
The chamber floor is equipped with a non-slip mat. For increased comfort, a manhole entry aid can be installed on request.


  • Fittings and electrically welded sleeves
  • Flow display and stop valves
  • Pressure and temperature displays
  • Bleed valves and air traps
  • Wall collar and press ring
  • BEGU lid and load absorption plates
  • Antifreeze concentrate (in drum or IBC)


JANSEN comfort