JANSEN powerwave collect trench heat exchanger

Flexible, safe and powerful

The JANSEN powerwave collect trench heat exchanger, ideal for heating and hot water production, offers the advantage of low investment costs and less space compared to a horizontal heat exchanger. The positioning close to the surface ensures constant regeneration and no geological risk during installation.

The high efficiency of the JANSEN powerwave corrugated pipe represents a further crucial factor for optimal performance. The energy available in the ground can be better absorbed. The surface area available for obtaining energy is increased thanks to the corrugated design. For comparison:  smooth pipes with a diameter of 32 mm are normally used for horizontal heat exchangers; these do not have even half the surface area of JANSEN powerwave corrugated pipes. With a capacity per metre of pipe of 2.27 litres, the JANSEN powerwave corrugated pipe also has a very large energy storage volume. In this way the temperature distribution in the brine circulating is improved in cyclic operation and during hot water production a higher heat pump efficiency is achieved. The large pipe cross-section ensures a low hydraulic resistance, which reduces the power consumption of the brine circulating pump and optimises the energy efficiency of the overall system.

JANSEN powerwave corrugated pipe is manufactured from notch-resistant, high-quality PE 100 RC material of the latest generation with innovative production technologies. The products are certified in accordance with the latest quality standards and meet the requirements of SIA 384/6, ÖWAV rule sheet 207 and VDI 4640.

JANSEN powerwave collect design tool


External diameter
63 mm

Wall thickness
2.9 mm (SDR 22)

Minimum bending radius
0.45 m (at 20° C)

2.27 l/m pipe

Operating temperature
-20° C to +40° C

PE 100 RC (polyethylene resistant to cracking)


  • Heating
  • Free cooling
  • Hot water production

Recommended minimum distances

  • From structures 2 metres
  • From supply lines 1 metre
  • Between the trenches 3 metres
  • From the site boundary 1-2 metres

Further notes

  • Local regulations and aspects are to be taken into account.
  • Do not lay trench heat exchangers under sealed surfaces or trees with deep roots
  • Pipes are to sand back-filled if necessary (watering advantageous).
  • Installation in dry gravel or gravelly soil is not recommended due to the poor thermal properties of these soils.

Available options

  • 1 pipe at a depth of 1.5 m
  • 2 pipes at a depth of 1.5 m
  • 4 pipes at a depth of up to 2 m
  • Special versions possible

Approvals / certifications

  • SKZ Guideline HR 3.44
  • SKZ quality seal A698
  • EN 10204-3.1
  • Material as per PAS 1075

Associated products

  • Distribution systems
  • Fittings and electrically welded sleeves

1 JMA = Gemittelte Jahresaussenlufttemperatur;
unter 8° C bzw. oberhalb einer Seehöhe von 800 m ist eine genauere Berechnung notwendig

JANSEN powerwave collect trench heat exchanger
JANSEN powerwave collect trench heat exchanger
JANSEN powerwave collect trench heat exchanger
JANSEN powerwave collect trench heat exchanger
JANSEN powerwave collect trench heat exchanger