Insulated pipe lines

Pipe lines for installation in conditions subject to frost

Purpose-made insulated pipes made of PEHD can be used for services that must be protected against hot or cold temperatures. Both the fluid pipe and conduit consist of JANSEN bianco drainage pipes. The gap between inner and outer pipe is filled with FCKW-free polyurethane foam. Fittings and customer-specific constructions can be manufactured using the diverse PE processing options. If required, an additional trace heating system can be integrated.


  • Can be heated
  • Prevents lines from freezing
  • Non-corroding


  • Inner and outer pipes made of polyethylene
  • Insulant: PUR foam


  • Conduits with annular rigidity of SN1 to SN16 are possible
  • Fluid pipes are possible in the pressure classes PN10 to PN25



  • For drainage or supply lines in water quality management areas
  • Pipe lines installed in the open or in conditions affected by frost
  • For carrying hot fluids

External diameter

  • Fluid pipe: 50 to 400 mm
  • Conduit: 110 to 430 mm

Available options
Smooth ended

Connection devices

  • Fluid pipe, welded
  • Sleeve pipe push-fitted with sliding sleeve

Thermal conductivity of insulant
λ = 0.03 W/mK of PUR foam
Min. thickness of insulation 25 mm


Insulated lines

Fluid pipe dnOuter pipe dnThickness of insulation
110 mm200 mm38.8 mm
125 mm200 mm31.3 mm
160 mm250 mm37.3 mm
200 mm315 mm47.8 mm
250 mm355 mm41.6 mm
315 mm400 mm30.2 mm


Insulated pipe lines
Insulated pipe lines