Jansen Egeplast HexelOne® SLM

The high-pressure pipe system made of PE

The self-reinforced high-pressure pipe system with permissible operating pressure of 30 bar for water / 16 bar for gas (SVGW-approved up to 5 bar)

Das Jansen Egeplast HexelOne® SLM pipe is a self-reinforced high-pressure pipe, a mono-composite consisting of PE only. This reinforcement makes the pipe suitable for application in the "increased pressure" range, i.e. for operating pressures above those covered up to now by PE pipes. The reason: compared to conventional PE pipes, these pipes have twice the strength.


  • Protective sleeve pipe
  • Solid wall pipe made of PE 100 RC, high-strength PE for increased pressure resistance; outer layer of PE 100; additional protection layer of PE plus

dn 90 – 160 mm (others on request)

Pressure grades

  • dn 90 - 140; 30 bar
  • dn 160; 25 bar


  • Water
  • Gas
  • Wastewater
  • Industry

Installation method

  • Open trench
  • Relining
  • Hydraulic drilling
  • Berstlining
  • Ploughing method
  • Milling method

Special features
Lengths of up to 145 m available; high operating pressures without hydraulic loss

PAS 1075 type

Embedding when installed in the ground
Gravel or sand up to 32 mm

  • Solid wall pipe PE 100 RC with additional PE plus protection layer and integrated conductor strips
  • Water pressure pipes with blue protection sleeve up to 30 bar
  • Gas pressure pipes with yellow protection sleeve up to 16 bar

JANSEN Egeplast HexelOne® SLM pressure pipe
in lengths of 12 m, smooth ends

Nominal pressureSeries / SDRDimensions dn
PN 255 / 11160 mm
PN 305 / 1190 - 140 mm

JANSEN Egeplast HexelOne® SLM pressure pipe
in coils of 100 m, smooth ends

Nominal pressureSeries / SDRDimensions dn
PN 105 / 111600 mm
PN 165 / 1125 - 140 mm
Jansen Egeplast HexelOne® SLM