JANSEN ottimo TF sewer and perforated pipe

The JANSEN ottimo TF SN 16 sewer and perforated pipe is made of PP-QD and, with its multi-layer construction, sets new benchmarks.

The white outer layer of tough polypropylene (PP) reduces thermal behaviour. The middle layer of reinforced polypropylene (PP-QD) gives good structural strength, thus ensuring dimensional stability and improved positional accuracy. The inner layer consists of light-grey polypropylene (PP) with polytetrafluorethylene PTFE (also known as Teflon®) and, with its low friction, ensures ideal hydraulic characteristics. JANSEN ottimo does not corrode, is not subject to abrasion and is highly resistant to chemicals. Due to their excellent rigidity, JANSEN ottimo pipes are easy and economical to install.


  • Excellent structural strength
  • High resistance to point loads and punctures
  • Best hydraulic properties
  • Integrally formed push-fit connector
  • High low-temperature impact strength
  • High break resistance due to extreme
  • toughness
  • Low longitudinal expansion
  • Suitable for a wider range of temperatures
  • Easy to install

Reinforced polypropylene PP-QD


  • Public sewer systems
  • Main and relief sewers
  • under heavy traffic loads
  • in deep trenches or when exposed to strong mechanical impact


  • 3-layer
  • External layer PP: UV stabilised
  • Structural layer PP-QD: reinforced PP for high long-term structural strength and unrestricted plastic behaviour
  • Inner layer PP: excellent abrasion resistance and good visual conditions for sewer camera inspections
  • Optimised inner layer with PTFE for reduced friction


  • External: white
  • Internal: white

External diameter
dn 160 to 630 mm


  • Manufactured length 6 m
  • Non-standard lengths on request

Available options

  • With integrally formed push-fit connector (dn 160 - 500 mm)
  • With push-fit connector welded on (dn 630 mm)

Annular rigidity
SN 16 (dn 500 SN 8; dn 630 SN 12)

Connection devices

  • With push-fit connector integrally formed or welded on
  • Complete range of fittings

Q-Plus certificate No. 15003


Elastic modules

Short-term loading (1 hour) ER,kurz min. 3000 N/mm2

Long-term loading (50 years) ER,lang min. 1400 N/mm2

Poisson's ratio 0,35 [-]

Length variation coefficient 0,04 mm/mK


Dimension dnWall thickness enInternal diameter diManufactured length
160 mm6.2 mm147.6 mm6 m
200 mm7.7 mm184.6 mm

6 m

250 mm9.6 mm230.8 mm

6 m

315 mm12.1 mm290.8 mm

6 m

400 mm15.3 mm369.4 mm

6 m

500 mm (SN 12)17.8 mm464.4 mm

6 m

630 mm (SN 12)22.7 mm584.6 mm

6 m


JANSEN ottimo TF sewer and perforated pipe
JANSEN ottimo TF sewer and perforated pipe
JANSEN ottimo TF sewer and perforated pipe
JANSEN ottimo TF sewer and perforated pipe