Jansen Egeplast 3L safety pipe system®

The permanently monitored system

Pipe system with permanent monitoring and precise detection of leakages, for open and closed installation methods.

The Jansen Egeplast 3L safety pipe system offers 100% leakage monitoring where required for ground and water protection. A monitoring unit attached to the pipe will trigger an alarm when detecting even very minor pipe damage. Messages are sent directly to the control station or to a smartphone. It can automatically deactivate any connected pump systems and thereby reliably prevent disaster at an early stage.


  • Protective sleeve pipe
  • Solid wall pipe made of PE 100 RC
  • electrically conductive aluminium detection layer
  • additional protection layer made of PE plus

dn 25 to 630 mm

Pressure grades

  • PN 10, PN 16
  • PN 25 (on request)


  • Water
  • Gas
  • Wastewater
  • Industry

Installation method

  • Open trench
  • Relining
  • Hydraulic drilling
  • Berstlining
  • Ploughing method
  • Milling method

Special feature
Permanent monitoring for leaks and location of any damage, puncture protection, integrity test after trenchless installation, permanent defect detection facility

PAS 1075 Typ
Type 3

Embedding when installed in the ground
Gravel or sand up to 32 mm

  • Solid wall pipe PE 100 RC with additional PEplus protection layer and integrated conductor strips
  • Water protection pipes with blue protection sleeve up to 16 bar
  • Gas protection pipes with yellow protection sleeve up to 5 bar

Jansen Egeplast 3L safety pipe system®
in lengths of 12 m, smooth ends

Nominal pressure Nominal pressure Series / SDR Dimensions dn Dimensions dn
PN 108 / 1725 to 630 mm
PN 165 / 1125 to 630 mm

Jansen Egeplast 3L safety pipe system®
in coils of 100 m, smooth ends

Nominal pressureSeries / SDRDimensions dn
PN 108 / 1725 to 160 mm
PN 165 / 1125 to 160 mm

Jansen Egeplast 3L safety pipe system®


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