For high-temperature applications, with drinking water approval

The PRIMA range of pipes covers drinking water and heating installations, i.e. a wide range of services installations applications.

Drinking water installations Heating installations
Suitable for surface-mounted and under-plaster installation, rising mains and sub-distribution.Suitable for surface-mounted and under-plaster installation, rising mains and sub-distribution. The pipes are suited to all types of heat distribution, radiator systems, underfloor heating systems as well as cooling ceilings and wall heating systems.


Range of products

Type of pipeVariants Dimensions Standards/approvals
PE-RT aluminium barrier pipe

Coils pre-insulated
Coils in protective pipe

16 - 63 mm
16 - 32 mm
16 - 32 mm
16 und 20 mm
EN ISO 21003
DVGW DW-8236BN0125
SVGW 1410-6325
PE-Xb standard pipeCoils16 - 20 mmISO 15875
DVGW DW-8306AT2354


    • Certified for drinking water
    • Certified for drinking water
    • The application areas can be correctly identified on the basis of the pipe classification

    Drinking water and heating installations, underfloor and wall heating systems, and cooling ceilings